Trips and tours with NCC in Rome, Lazio and throughout Italy

Among the services most loved by our customers are the trips and tours in our wonderful territory: Nicoletti NCC Rome in fact has vans and minibuses for hire with driver to let you explore the most beautiful places in our city and our region.

It is also possible to book trips and tours with NCC for trips to Italy, as a couple, as a family or in the company of numerous friends.

The places most popular with families and our foreign customers are, for example, Tivoli, just over half an hour from Rome, for a fantastic cultural trip.

The Castelli Romani: Ariccia, Frascati, Velletri, Castel Gandolfo to visit characteristic villages and have lunch along the lakes of Albano and Castel Gandolfo, tasting the renowned porchetta of Ariccia and drinking a good glass of Frascati.

Viterbo for a relaxing weekend at the Terme dei Papi. Anzio for a day at the beach and a good fried fish.

Tour with NCC throughout Italy from Rome and its province

From Rome and its province it is possible to set out to discover the Italian artistic heritage, the most beautiful marine and mountain locations in the world, cities of art and many other wonderful places, making a safe, pleasant and relaxing journey.

Rome, Florence, Arezzo, Pisa, Naples, Capri, Ischia, Procida, the Amalfi Coast and many other places to visit with a safe, comfortable and high-level car and a driver at your complete disposal for your entire stay.

Some of the most visited places by our customers for unforgettable trips and tours: Naples and Pompeii, a wonderful city and one of the most famous archaeological parks in the world, just 40 minutes from Naples or 2 hours from Rome.

Florence, Siena, Arezzo and Pisa a tour suitable for the whole family to visit cities of art, incredible museums in Tuscany.
A perfect trip in any season of the year.

Amalfi Coast, Capri and Procida: for romantic couples who want a professional driver who takes care of everything for them.

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Book Nicoletti NCC Rome for your travel

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